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Midsomer Murders Episode Guide

They Seek Him Here
Series 10, episode 7

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Synopsis and Cast:

When Jones tails a known thief onto the set of a remake of The Scarlet Pimpernel is being filmed in Midsomer Magna, Barnaby decided that it might be a good idea to stick around and keep an eye on him. The situation escalates when someone is murdered on set.

John Nettles (DCI Tom Barnaby)
Jason Hughes (DS Ben Jones)
Barry Jackson (Dr. George Bullard)
Jane Wymark (Joyce Barnaby)
Kirsty Dillon (WPC Gail Stephens)
Marian McLoughlin (Gwen Morrison)
Richard Hope (Neville Hayward)
Jonathan Moore (Jed Norris)
Kieran Bew (Danny Twyman)
Emily Hamilton (Leonie Charteris)
Jay Villiers (Nick Cheyney)
Nicky Henson (Terence Charteris)
Fiona Mollison (Diane Charteris)
Matthew Marsh (Jack Braxton)
Paul Grunert (Freddie Greenaway)
Desmond Barrit (Raymond Clandillon)
Mark Webb (Assistant Director)
Gemma Page (Lady Blakeney)
Adam Farr (Police Constable)
Charlotte Moore (Receptionist)
Gracie May (Josh)
Ava May (Josh)
Tracy Redington (Aristocrat)
Jp Turner (Sparks)

Detective Sergeant Jones:

Jones revealed how savvy he was with technology, and how hands free usage of mobile phones and PDAs are important while driving. So far it was the only episode we see him using a Bluetooth headset, but it was also the only time we've seen him on the phone when he was driving.

Jones got the tip about George Innes driving around the area, so he tailed him to Midsomer Magna and to the manor owned by Terence Charteris. Jones called Barnaby along the way, using his Bluetooth headset and brought up Innes' record on his Blackberry while he kept a safe distance. Barnaby later joined Jones at the manor and the two watched while Innes talked to another ex-con named Jed Norris. They waited for Innes to leave and confront Norris, who insisted he had gone legit and and had a real job. Neither Barnaby nor Jones believed him.

When a prowler was reported on the grounds of the manor, Barnaby and Jones were alerted. Jones spotted someone and chased after him. It turned out to be Jed Norris, who later revealed that he was the security guard at the house. "Jed Norris? Security Guard?" Jones said to Barnaby incredulously. "Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house."

Barnaby and Jones decided to do some tag team theorizing in two instances in this episode. One instance took place during their second interview with Danny Twyman. He had said he had argued with Nick Chaney over the taxi fare, but in reality he wanted Chaney to stay away from his girlfriend Leonie, who was the mother of Nick's child.

The second instance they used this tag team technique was to convince Jed Norris that he was being played as a pawn for an insurance scam. As a result, Jed informed them when the robbery was going to take place. On the night of the scheduled break-in Jones staked out the house, called for back-up and captured George Innes and his henchmen in the act.

When Barnaby and Jones arrived on the scene just in time to prevent the death of Neville Hayward, Barnaby tried to talk the killer out of it, while Jones tried to sneak up on the murderer. Sadly, Jones stepped on a branch and the murderer warned him off. Jones mouthed an apology to Barnaby. Fortunately, Barnaby's speech was convincing enough to spare Neville's life. However, to Jones surprise Barnaby revealed that he had the locked changed, so even if the killer hadn't given in, he would not have gotten far anyway.



When the script for the episode was written, Constable Stephens was not included. So when it came time to film the episode a few scenes were altered to add her in. Her lines in the episode were originally intended to be spoken by Jones.

Pay attention as the opening sequence ends with a crane shot overhead just as the director yells, "Cut!" It should be Chaney shouting and him appearing from under the overhang. However, if you look carefully, it's Jack Braxton who steps out, removing his headset. And you can also see the PC who was assigned to stand guard by the guillotine, standing nearby in that shot. So this was a reused scene which is from later in the episode.

Apparently the very last shot of the guillotine falling was not scripted. A member of the crew suggested it during filming and they decided to add that in.

This is not the first time we hear about Ben's relatives in relation to the case. It is his uncle Harry who provides a contact for Jones in Country Matters, Death and Dust, King's Crystal, Talking to the Dead, The Black Book, The Noble Art, Dark Secrets, A Rare Bird, The Dark Rider and Written in the Stars, many times using what he's learned from them as a means of bringing insight to the case.

Emily Hamilton (Leonie Charteris) worked with Jason in the film Phoenix Blue.

Jonathan Moore (Jed Norris) worked with Jason in the comedy series Harry Enfield's Brand Spanking New Show. He and Jason played various roles, and appeared together several times in the "Small Bloke" sketch.

Marian McLoughlin (Gwen Morrison) was a regular on the 1995 series Castles playing Rachel Castle. Jason made a guest appearance in two episodes.


The Laughing Policemen -
TV Mag, April 12-18, 2008


Barnaby: "They're doing a film, aren't they? The Scarlet Pimpernel."
Jones: "What you might call a remake of a remake of a remake."

Barnaby: "What other interest could he have in a stately home?"
Jones: "Maybe he's come for a dose of culture and a guided tour."

"Talk about thick as thieves, eh?"

"Small world."

"You work?!"

"Police! Stop!"

"Got ya!"

"Jed Norris? Security Guard? Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house."

"Mrs. Barnaby looks very fetching in that red cap, sir."

Jones and Barnaby arrive at the scene of the first beheading.
Barnaby: (to Dr. Bullard) "What have you got?"
Bullard: "Dead five or six hours. Cause of death: head separated from the body."
Jones: "Now that's where we benefit from having an expert on the job."

"Turning sensitive in your old age, Jed?"

"Priceless, eh?"

Barnaby: "Jones, what was all that about the furniture? We are investigating a suspicious death, and you're going on about a flaming cupboard!"
Jones: "Because it was a fake."
Barnaby: "How do you know?"
Jones: "My grandad was a cabinet maker."
Barnaby: "He was a what?"
Jones: "He was a master cabinet maker."
Barnaby: "So he'd know all about dodgy cupboards, will he?"
Jones: "All I'm saying is that cupboard is far from irreplaceable."

Barnaby: "There's more to Gwen Morrison than meets the eye."
Jones: "Let's hope it stays that way."

Barnaby: (to Danny Twyman) "That argument you had with Nick Chaney. It was nothing to do with that taxi fare, was it? ...Nick Chaney was trying to involved again in Josh's life."
Jones: "You couldn't let that happen, understandably."
Barnaby: "I don't know why you were worried. It wasn't as if Leonie was trying to push you out in favor of Nick Chaney."
Jones: (to Barnaby) "Although, successful film director, cab driver, given the choice...."
Barnaby: (to Jones) "Yes, and after all Nick Chaney was the real father...."

Barnaby: (to Jed Norris) "It's an insurance scam, Jed. Once your friend Ince has cleared this place out, who'd you think I'd be looking for as the inside man who'd let him in, eh?"
Jones: "With your record, it'll be open and shut."
Barnaby: "Charteris and Ince know that you are no grass, in fact they're relying on it."
Jones: (to Barnaby) "It'll be a long sentence, too."
Barnaby: (to Jones) "Yes, indeed it will, especially if he's involved with a murderer."
Jed Norris: (nervously) "Murderer?"

Jones: "Neville Hayward really resents the time Clandillon spent drinking with his brother Ted, doesn't he?"
Barnaby: "Yeah, but Gwen doesn't seem bothered by it. And Ted was Gwen's husband."
Jones: "So maybe Neville was jealous. Maybe he fancied Clandillon, unrequited love and all that."
Barnaby: "Do you think Neville's gay?"
Jones: "Well, he's never married. He's lived with his sister-in-law most of his adult life."

Jones: (On catching Jed Norris sleeping on the job) "Not very vigilant, Jed."

Raymond Clandillon: "And I made the noble gesture. Appropriate really, The Scarlet Pimpernel. 'It's a far far better thing I do...."
Jones: "That's A Tale of Two Cities!"

Jones: "Bye the way, thanks for telling me about changing the lock."
Barnaby: "Oh, sorry."
Jones: "I was sweating cobs back there."


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